Thursday, March 12, 2009

What have I done? I went and had a Jessners pee; done on my face and YOWZA! The chick told me that I would peel a little. A little nothin'.....more like a lottle! I look terrible. Like a burn victim! I keep thinking about the Sex and the City episode where Samantha got the "lunch time peel" and came out looking like me! My three year old said "mommy what did you do to your face? " Ha! The things we will do to make ourselves beautiful on the outside. Well, I know I'm good on the inside....It stinks getting older! I still feel like I am 17! I feel like the last 10 years has flown bye and I am barely remembering what i have been doing. I have had my boobs done, my tummy tucked and my face scraped off! Let's see ther is still the nose job, the filler for my forehead wrinkles and the lip enhancement, since they seems to be thinner than they once were...which is wierd to me! Anyway, I am halfway the time I accomplish all this crap..I'll need a face lift! So, it got me thinking, why do we do all this stff to ourselves all the time? Hmmmm....I really don't understand it! My hubs thinks I am so gorgeous...he tells me everyday, yet somehow, I don;t believe him. He thinks I am nuts for all this stuff...He say's he's hot for me just like I am. It is not like I am trying to find a man...I guess it would be different if I was single right? Hmmmm...interesitng! Well, I am going to go peel my face off...tata

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