Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cry, Cry oh Bachelor!

Ok, so all my friends know I love The Bachelor. I watch it obsessively every Monday night! I am convinced there are much better things I could do with my time like read a novel or write in my journal...yet, every Monday night I am in my bed(which is may favorite place to be at night) watching with bated breath the outcome. I know that this show is ridiculous, but I can't help myself. Do I have issues? Am I crazy that I want to see these poor people divulge their most private moments in front of America? Something is wrong with I guess. Who would be stupid enough to actually go on this show to see if indeed they could "fall in love" with someone in 6 weeks? Seriously? I mean really?
I think anyone could "fall in love" with someone when they are traveling the world, wearing awesome clothes...which were chosen by like 10 stylists who have applied the make up and done the hair each and every day! I mean, I could fall in love with just about anyone who was half way descent looking, taking me on dates atop cliffs in New Zealand and giving me diamonds to wear while on a private helicopter ride! I think this is ABC's plot to see just how dumb and desperate people can be. Hmmmm. We know how silly this stuff is, but yet, there I am every Monday night watching like a giddy school girl waiting to see who will get the axe, but more importantly, who won the bet...me or my husband. Yes, folks, I have dragged my other half into my web of reality TV! I am ashamed and I am embarrassed...you should be embarrassed for me. Of course, not as embarrassed as the people on the show who have no pride most of the time and these girls who are relentless all in the name of love!
I love the beginning of these shows where they put all these attractive seemingly intelligent girls(although they did agree to go n the show to potentially be mortified in front of all of America) into a room and feed them alcoholic beverages for hours while they are all trying to get a moment alone with the guy who in order to get a date had to go on national television! Soooooo cruel, and I love it! It starts getting so good when the chicks start the throw down WWF match! So awesome! Stealing him from one another and calling each other all kinds of names. Priceless!
I am a married gal now for 9 years so I would hate to be out in the dating world right now trying to find Mr. right. I cannot pretend to know what these people life stories are and how they got to be contestants on the bachelor. This is just a guess, I am pretty sure that meeting a guy in this sort of scenario is not going to end up in happily ever after! I know this because happily ever after does not exist! There is no castle, no ball, no beautiful carriage. It is not real and yet we buy into this idea of TV made love all the time! When we are little, as girls, are we subconsciously trained into thinking this is real? I don't ever remember my mother or father or grandparents ( who I am very close to) ever teaching me this idea....do we arrive at this conclusion from the media? Hmmm..I wonder. We know from experience....some of us more than others....that this is not real life! We still go for it every time!
Ok...so, real life is like this: You meet some one who you think has great qualities and you could see yourself spending time with. I have never been all emotional and think the term growing old with is silly...You come across someone who is compatible with your ideals. You date...it's all nice and lovely and care bears and butterflies. Who wouldn't think going out to dinner very night and getting gifts all the time and travels to far away destination was not great!? Then, you become comfortable with that person. You get to know them...really know them. You get engaged and then your back to the exciting part again where you're all in love and you show your ring to everyone and they say it's so gorgeous and you're so lucky! Then, you spend a year and a fortune on a wedding because you think that is what you have to do because weddings are soooo much fun! Bullshit! Weddings are an extravagant waste of money that after is is all said and done you say to yourself..."I could have bought a house or paid off my student loans for what we spent on that wedding". I don't even remember my wedding! Half the people that were there...I didn't even know! It's a bionic whirlwind that devours you and then you didn't even get to enjoy it because you wanted to make sure that the topiaries were properly placed next to the cake that was half eaten and then tossed into the trash can! I swear, I would have done things so differently at the age I am now! I so don't care who liked my dress and who gave us what gifts now that I am in my 30's. Too funny! Boy, do I sound cynical?! We should have gone to Greece and got married on a cliff at sunset with only the people we truly love and know us inside and out...our close family and friends!
Ok...so here is what I have figured out about love.....love starts out as something, then changes into something else as time goes by! Duh....love never stays the same. They don't tell you these things when your young.....why not, I wonder. Just like they don't tell you what having a baby is really like...but that is a whole other blog! So, you better be able to roll with the punches when they come because loving someone is a great gift. It comes with a lot of different factors that make it so great, but also can make it not so great at times! Then, we go and add kids and careers and friendships and mortgages and financial issues into the mix......it is funny to me how all these other things seem to take over this sweet gift and can easily demolish what you spent years creating! We have many friends who were married for years and then divorce thinking " what the hell was all that for?" So sad.....they didn't get the "roll with the punches" bulletin. Marriage is very hard....it is a wonderful gift, but it takes so much work. Your spouse is not the same person he was when you married him and trust me you are not the same wife either. Now, you are always tired and have to work 3 times as hard to maintain your hotness! You have the kid body now and maintenance is much more expensive and time consuming. Your not as sweet as you used to be because being sweet takes time you have none anymore. I swear, sometimes I feel like I have turned into a bitchy, non sex having, child rearing, clean freak, carpooling, money spending, house decorating, needy, fattening food cooking, out to lunch going, country clubbing Nazi! LOL! I know the girl that I used to be is in there somewhere...or maybe a resemblance of her! Enough for today! The rantings of the lonely housewife to be continued! Happy day! Ya'll tell me your experinces with this and how you think we have become the way we are about love!

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